Missions Made Real

What is it really like to be a missionary? 

"If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast." Psalm 139: 9 - 10


How To Use This Website

This website is designed to be used with a physical copy of the book Missions Made Real. The website has additional resources that are mentioned but not included in the book. In the first section, below, you will find three reviews of the book by experienced missionaries. In the next section titled "Fundraising Documents," you'll find a sample cover letter, pledge form, and other documents that I used to raise financial support for mission work. In the section titled "Mission Reports" I've included sample monthly and annual reports that I sent to supporting individuals and congregations. Next you'll find a link to video reports that I sent from the mission field to supporters. Lastly, I've included information on how to order a copy of the book and also how to contact me. 

Photo: Kevin Carson, author of Missions Made Real, (left) using World English Institute material to study the Bible and English with Sithet (right) in Siem Reap, Cambodia 2015. 


Reviews of Missions Made Real

Three missionaries with a combined total of +90 years in  the mission fields of Ireland, India, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and Austria have read my book and endorse its usefulness for missionaries. Click on the links below to read their full reviews. 

“Future missionaries need to be in contact with reality and this is where Kevin Carson's book becomes an invaluable tool for anyone considering missions. This book would have been invaluable to me had I read it before returning to Ireland in 1970.” Tony Coffey

"There are many and varied books on all the different issues involved in mission work. Without denigrating any of these, this is what I would say to any person -- or family – contemplating mission work: You must read this book by Kevin Carson. May the Lord use this book to inspire others with a missionary heart to go into the field with joy!" Herman Alexander 

"Kevin deals with the heart and soul issue, are seven billion humans going to judgment without a savior? If your answer is a heart felt 'yes,' then devour Kevin’s material to determine your motives, pick your field, start your preparation check list, figure out your budget and be sure to check your pulse for a long term commitment. I wish I had read Kevin’s book before I graduated from Bible school.” Ken Fox

Tony Coffey

+49 years in mission fields


Ken Fox

+22 years in mission fields

Ken and Jean Fox.jpg

Herman Alexander

+20 years in mission fields

Herman Alexander_edited.jpg

Fundraising Documents

Click each button to see sample documents I used to raise funds for mission support. 

Photo: Medical supplies from our sponsoring congregation being unloaded at a rural hospital in Lithuania in the 1990s.



Click each button to see sample monthly and annual reports I sent back to supporters. I've also included one example of the weekly journal I kept while in the mission field. The weekly journal was for family and friends who were interested in our personal, family experiences. 

Photo: Sunday worship at the Church of Christ in Klaipeda, Lithuania in 1998, one year after it was founded.


Transport Your Supporters To The Mission Field

In my book, I mentioned how effective it is to send short video reports back to your supporters to let them experience the sights and sounds of the mission field. Click on the button below to be taken to my Vimeo page where you can watch sample video reports that I sent from the mission field of Cambodia to supporters in North America.

Photo: Rejoicing in a young man’s decision to be baptized into Christ in Yangon, Myanmar, 2016.

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Order A Book

Sunset International Bible Institute has graciously helped me to publish my book Missions Made Real. To thank them, I am donating all proceeds from the sale of the book to Sunset's mission efforts. If you'd like to order a copy of the book in the U.S.A, click the button below. To order in Canada, scroll down to "How To Get In Touch" and send me an email. 

Photo: Unloading water containers used to provide clean water to schools and to families with newborn babies in a village near Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2015. 


How To Get In Touch

If you have questions about resources on this website or material in the book, please contact me and I'll do my best to help you with your mission questions.

Photo: The flood plain of the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia, 2015.

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